Types of Radio Broadcasting You Need To Know

How Do Radios Function

Before introducing the types of radio broadcasting, you should understand how radios work as well. In short, electromagnetic waves are being transmitted and received which move really fast (as fast as the speed of light). With a human’s eye, you will not be able to catch it. However, that is why humans are able to catch it through music or audio.

Analog Radio

Analog radio comprises two types: AM (amplitude modulation) and FM (frequency modulation).

AM (Amplitude Modulation)

AM is also known as one of the earliest types of wireless radio broadcasting. How the radio waves get emitted is through the amplitude of the signal in conjunction with the amplitude which is currently being transmitted at the same time.

What enables the radio waves to be transmitted to all over the world would be considered as the ‘medium-wave band’. However, certain countries use the ‘long-wave band’ for their radio broadcasting. The sound emitted from the AM radio can easily be detected.

FM (Frequency Modulation)

FM is the type of radio broadcasting that is used in cars. Unlike AM which relies heavily on signal strength, FM focuses more on interfering with the radio waves. In other words, FM also produces a much better sound quality with less electrical interference like how AM would.

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB)

Digital Audio Broadcasting is actually a type of radio broadcasting technology which is currently being used in most broadcasting radio stations. The system works by broadcasting various signals in a digital format with the end goal of reaching CD quality. In comparison with FM, DAB has lesser multipath effects.

Through DAB, you can not only transmit audio, but also images and text as well. Therefore, when it comes to music, the image, title of the song as well as music are being transmitted.

Internet Radio

These days, most radio stations are making use of online streaming to broadcast their radio signals to users who are using a browser to listen to the radio. Although sometimes the online audio streams may not be real-time 100% as they may experience a delay.

Satellite Radio

Satellite radios is where radio broadcasting services are produced through the help of satellites. With satellites, the broadcasting service can reach a wide geographical area without compromising the quality of audio, which is why they are used in cars. However, this is only available based on subscription – so it is not free for all to use.

The satellite stations which have ground stations will send over signals to satellites and then it will be reflected back to the radio receivers found in homes or cars. The satellite radios are encrypted, meaning you need to have a special receiver in order to have access to it. Though you need to pay, it’s worth it because you will receive perfect audio quality while also preventing the ban of using profanity.

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