Archiving broadcasting: facts you should know

Some common questions people might ponder upon would be – why do we even need to archive the files in the first place? Well, the main purpose of archiving files is to store for potential future use, or perhaps for disaster recovery

Disaster recovery centre: what is it & do you need it?

Can you imagine all of your company or business data gets wiped out entirely? We surely can’t picture that happening, but one thing’s for sure, it’s more important than ever to keep a backup for all the important data.

Over the top broadcasting: Everything you need to know

It’s no surprise how the Internet has taken the world by storm. The result? Many consumers love the convenience of streaming and accessing content whenever they want. Not only that, but they also enjoy the freedom of choosing what to broadcast on their device or TV.

SmartTv vs AndroidTv: What’s the main difference?

When it comes to broadcasting, usually the type of equipment used to display programs or channels would be SmartTV or AndroidTV. Many people tend to get confused as to whether they should get a SmartTV or AndroidTV, mainly due to the fact that they are quite similar

What is Broadcast Media?

The term ‘broadcast media’ is quite wide which might make many people confused as to what falls under that category. There are different types of broadcasting media such as audio production, radio stations, television news, and so on.

Traditional Advertising: The Ultimate Guide

So, have you been wondering what traditional advertising is because you’re looking for ways to boost your business? Well, if you have no clue what traditional advertising is, read on to find out more!

Traditional Advertising vs Modern Advertising: What’s the difference?

When it comes to advertising, there are so many options these days. Just like everything in life, the advertising world has evolved over the years. Without a doubt, traditional advertising vs modern advertising has been a hot topic with more and more strategies or methods coming about.