What is Broadcast Media?

Don’t be confused with print media though because it is simply a form of media but doesn’t fall under the broadcast media umbrella.

What exactly is Broadcast Media?

Broadcast media, in simpler terms, are a way of broadcasting, transmitting or communicating with the public through various audio and visual methods to spread information, news, entertainment and many more. Broadcasting media, in general, is a way of communicating or broadcasting content to the public.

There are many media channels to broadcast all this content such as through the Internet, televisions, video, audio podcasts, to name a few.

Take the news as an example – the world needs to know what’s going on in other countries, and with the help of broadcasting media, everyone is able to know about the latest happenings in various countries. News is being broadcast through television, radio and the Internet.

Why do we need Broadcasting Media?

These days, broadcasting media is essential in our daily lives because that is the only primary way of reaching the public on a wider scale. The public can only receive the latest news, updates and information when it is being broadcast through the media channels.

Plus, broadcasting media is also one of the major options when it comes to advertising. Most companies and businesses these days make use of various media to promote their product or service.

The Different Types of Broadcasting Media

The ultimate purpose of broadcasting media is to reach the audience through various media channels and convey messages or information.

Broadcast Television

Known as one of the oldest forms of broadcasting media, televisions are used to offer colorful, visual content together with motion and audio signals. There are also various channels broadcast on televisions, so you have a channel for literally every category such as sports, drama, news, travel and so on.

Hence, it is one of the popular ways for broadcasting media thanks to the wide reach that can be shown to the targeted audience catered to specific interests or niches.

Radio Production

Radio broadcasting has been used for many years. It is where an announcer (or more) will pre-record some content including playing music based on a particular niche or interest.

Aside from broadcasting various types of content, there are also advertisements included during the radio program. Most people tend to listen to the radio while commuting or to get to know the weather reports.

Video Advertising

Videos can be broadcast almost anywhere and any way – such as through movie theatres or screenplays. Movies, or videos in general, tend to play a vital role in the entertainment field, which is why it is one of the best ways to promote any product or service.

Internet Media

You won’t find a single soul in the world that doesn’t use the Internet on a daily basis. The Internet itself consists of various media channels such as podcasts, blogs, websites, and social media.

Many people these days turn to the Internet to receive the latest updates, information and news in the form of text, audio or video because it is fast and easy.

Live streaming is one of the media channels that uses the Internet to broadcast a video in real time. This means the video is not being pre-recorded – it is showing live just as it is. There are various websites that offer live streaming such as Twitch, Younow and Periscope. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer the live streaming feature too.

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