Under enterprise-scale Management & Workflow automation, SAM delivers smart and agile technology , automated workflows with sophisticated monitoring as well as rapid error detection and reporting smart across Live Production, Production, Editing & Finishing, Playout & Delivery, and Infrastructure & Image Processing. SAM offers proven master control solutions that reduce total cost of ownership. Integration with existing systems is the key. SAM’S portfolio of APIs, backed up by support for open standards implementations such as FIMS and BXF, is second to none. SAM’S switchers, routers, infrastructure and playout systems are all available with IP interfaces, supporting both uncompressed (SMTPE 2022-6) and a range of compression formats, including VC-2.
SAM’s strategy involves IP-enabling existing systems alongside their SDI capabilities while using familiar control interfaces to provide hybrid SDI/IP operation without requiring any new knowledge or skills from the operator.

Snell Advanced Media
Turnpike Road, Newbury,
Berkshire, RG14 2NX


Founded in 1999, today, Step2e is the ONLY supplier to cover all aspects of broadcasting comprising of CRM, Traffic and Billing, Scheduling, Newsroom, Resource Management, MAM, and Flexible Workflow – Freeflow. The integrated content workflow guarantees access to all data – from ingest to transcoding and archiving. Integrated in current editing or storage environments, Step2e resource-friendly Media Asset Management also allows you to bring your content library to the internet. Offering thumbnails, filters and different resolutions, Step2e MAM also comes with a Job Scheduler that is capable of moving, copying, transcoding and uploading files according to user- defined criteria. This scheduler can be used for automated archiving, transfers or quota management.

Step2e Broadcast AG
Beta-Straße 10e
D-85774 Unterföhring


Volicon’s provides monitoring, logging, and streaming solutions for compliance, loudness, media analysis, content repurposing, competition monitoring, web logging, ad verification, ratings monitoring, mobile access, central and remote monitoring, and quality of experience. Volicon’s patented Video Monitoring Network (VMN)  is comprised of a multi-channel video streaming engine, interactive search, content analytics, media monitoring, and service monitoring and alarming capabilities.

99 S.Bedford St.
Burlington, MA 01803


Munich Media Intelligence GmBH (MMI) is a software development company  that has developed one of a kind lightweight workflow system for the Broadcast Engineering systems. This unique software integration framework (mmif) can be operated on a stand-alone basis or “hooked into” a Visual Studio environment and can be operated in a centralized or distributed environment . mmif contains media – specific activities, from simple activities like transcoding or transfer up to serving as complex connectors to broadcasting systems such as Interplay MAM. It also serves as a medium to design and implement software solutions in the media sector and to design and control workflows in a runtime environment.

Munich Media Intelligence GmBH
Seestrasse 10
85757  Karlsfeld


Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 in Munich, Germany. ARRI is the largest manufacturer of professional motion picture equipment in the film industry: engineering, design, manufacturing, equipment rental, studio lighting solutions, film production and distribution, postproduction, lab services and visual effects. ARRI has been awarded with 18 Scientific and Engineering Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences . ARRI’s SkyPanel and L-Series lighting fixtures are fused  with the latest advances in LED illumination, while ARRI ‘s Master Anamorphic  and Ultra Wide Zoom cine-lens series redefine optical excellence.

ARRI Media GmbH / Munich
Tuerkenstr. 89
80799 Munich


Axel Technology has been the leading Manufacturer Italian Broadcasting company for professional radio and television solutions since 1996. Its extensive range of products includes Automation and Playout, Traffic and Billing, MAM, Graphics and CG, Video Logger, System Supervisor, Logo Generators, Broadcast Consoles, Changeover and Distributor, Encoders to Network Management.

Via Salaria 223C,
00015 Monterotondo,
Roma, Italy


Blankom is focused on the development, manufacture and sales of modern and high-quality headend systems. Pioneering hardware and software solutions developed through the latest technologies are independently developed, produced and delivered worldwide. Blankom’s task is to link the world of TV and internet together, combining the advantages of both technologies.

BLANKOM systems GmbH
Hermann – Petersilge – Strasse 1
07422 Bad Blankenburg


Cavena has been developing subtitling solutions and software  from subtitle preparation to postproduction and transmission for demanding customers such as SKY, HBO and Canal+ for the past 25 years. Sweden has had subtitling ever since TV started in the 50s. That is why Cavena has an overall understanding of subtitling and its advantages. Cavena constantly encourages user need input to what the optimum solution and workflow is. Cavena develops and sells flexible systems in accordance to each unique customer need.

Cavena Image Products AB
Nytorpsvägen 32
S-183 71 Täby


MOG offers a diverse, award-winning product family of powerful MXF and GXF tools that enable accelerated development and migration to the next generation of IT-based multimedia content applications. The unique mxfSPEEDRAIL technology can be seamlessly integrated with the most popular broadcast technology and formats, offering high traffic performance, great interoperability between platforms and efficient metadata sharing.

Rua Eng. Frederico Ulrich 2650
| 4470 – 605 Moreira da Maia


PROMISE’s VTrak A-Class, VTrak x30, and Pegasus2 storage solutions are optimized for video environments that enable users to edit and playback video faster than ever before. PROMISE’s scale-out storage solutions help users create rich media videos and tackle the challenge of managing unstructured data as a long term solution, with the flexibility to grow as needed. In addition to backup and archiving solutions, PROMISE also offers both SAN and Ethernet solutions for rich media workflows so that businesses can tier storage and allocate performance where necessary, and have secondary and tertiary storage for retrieval.

PROMISE Technology, Inc.
580 Cottonwood Drive,
Milpitas, CA 95035,